Goodbye citalopram 

So here it is, my goodbye to citalopram the drug I thought was keeping me a normal human. The drug that was keeping me from crying for no reason. The drug that suppressed all the little things that built up so much I wanted to tear my whole life apart just to get rid of them. The drug that stopped me being nervous about everything…. That helped me realise it was okay to fail. 
Or was it… Was it the drugs
Maybe I’ve changed. 

Maybe I’m better. Maybe I don’t need the chemical enhancement. Maybe life is better. Maybe I can cope. Maybe I can be ‘normal’. Maybe my life has changed so much that I can handle the bad and respond to the good. 

I’m so bloody nervous…. So I thought I’d try…. Try but still have some antidepressants in my top drawer… Just in case. 


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