Glass skulls

  i wish people were transparent… If I knew how they felt, how much they hated me, how much they loved me. 

Life would be easier, I wouldn’t have to assume everyone hated me and was out to get me. 

Depression sucks…. People with depression have some understanding of each other, but it’s not like they can come in your help and help your sort out the crosses wires and paperwork. 

I sometimes wish I could take a six month break off life and sort mine out. Still do day to day things, but spend my time studying ways to not feel useless, to make mistakes and not take the guilt to the grave, to let myself be loved. 

I’d love to be a fly on the wall, everything seems so perfect to me… Except me. 

I want to see inside others, to play spot the difference…. To see the similarities. 

However my mind set got this way, I have to live with it now. I just wonder if I can ever live a life of happiness with it.  


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