let it go 

  Today I think…. What was yesterday all about, why was I like that. Why was I such an idiot? Why I was I crying? Why did I ruin mine and my boyfriends day? Why do I let Mr depression take over? 

The clouds have cleared, I’m still full of cold so I do just want to go back to bed…. But not because the depression tells me so. 

The thing I feel most is guilt, I ruined the weekend for both myself and my boyfriend… Who is quite frankly the most understanding guy in the world, I’m not sure how he does it…. Maybe he’s sneaking my citalopram:) 

I definitely am able to move on from the little things…. I say to myself, will this affect me next week, next month, next year, five years from now. Unless the answer is yes to all of these… I try my best to let it go. 

Imagine it as a balloon… Hold up the worry and let it go…. (Maybe it’s what that frozen girl was singing about). 


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