The rough with the smooth 

This little brain of mine never shuts off… I don’t think I’ve ever been with a partner who hasn’t told me I think to much…. And they’re right. Every sentence, every smile, every frown I analyse – what do they think of me?… Really?… Deep down?… They’ve mentioned an ex a flippant comment… Did they think she was prettier, did they have more fun. 

An ex is an ex for a reason – stupid brain. 

I sit here so happy to finally be with the man who has been my best friend for the past three years. Wouldn’t it be sensible for my brain to believe he feels the same. 

He is however perfect with me, and although I go quiet – anxious – I shrink. He lets me get through it. He allows me to get upset, I’ve talked more to him than anyone in a long time. I really want the nervous thoughts to leave and just allow me to be happy….

Any coping mechanisms for when your mind tells you lies? 


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